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ChaloExam is conducting an internship program in connection with LEAP

ChaloExam Internship programs in Robotics and Computer Vision


Internship programs in
Robotics and Computer Vision🔬 . 

Explore the very idea of Robotics and Robotic Vision with real-time projects and practical applications☝🏻. 

Brainstorm on ideas and numerous live projects. 

Program includes 

🏷️Introduction to Python

🏷️Robotic Vision Algorithms

🏷️ Computer Vision and Robotics using Python 

🏷️Introduction to Advanced Robotics

🏷️SLAM, RANSAC and Path Planning

🏷️ Live Industry Projects 

Registration open

Detailed syllabus and details of the registration available on our website 📎

Do check out our website, Enroll in the program and
Own the certificate of Brilliance

Resource person:
Vipulnath T V

Registration closing:3/November/2020 

Program starting on 5/November/2020

Program Structure :

platform: Google meet

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